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Handmade Sterling Silver Ear Wires & Findings

When I started making earrings I was frustrated by the lack of ear wire designs, I saw so many handmade earrings with the same boring wires, so... I started to design my own.  

Now I have over 50 styles of sterling silver handmade ear wires. I make all my ear wires with 0.8mm wire, the ends rubbed down to be smooth & tumble polished for shine and strength.

These ear wires will make your jewellery even more unique without overshadowing your designs.  You can buy my ear wires in my Etsy shop by clicking the button.

While my workshop is being insulated (it was way too chilly in the winter) I am offering a slighly smaller range of ear wires - Please click here to visit my Etsy Ear Wires Shop.

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